JR Sprints

These cars are a micro sprint chassis and cage, with a Honda 9 HP motor. There are 2 sub-divisions of these cars. “Stock” means the motor has to be completely stock whereas “Open” means the motor is allowed to be modified how the owner sees fit. Great starter division for our young and upcoming drivers.

JR Sportsman Dwarfs

Age Requirements- 10 y/o with prior racing experience & 12 y/o with no prior experience.
There are 2 types of bodies that can be ran on these cars in this division. A Dwarf body can run 600cc or 750cc motorcycle engine. In comparison, a Mod Lite body can only run a 600cc motorcycle engine. This division is perfect for the transition phase from a Jr Sprint to the regular Sportsman or Mod Lite cars.

270 Micro Sprints

This division can run a 2 stroke 250cc engine with a max displacement of 270cc or a 450cc 4 stroke stock bore and stroke. They run 2 wings; a top wing is mandatory and a front wing is optional.

Mod Lites

These cars are a 5/8th scale version of the Northeast DIRT modifieds. They run a 1000cc motorcycle engine. Mod Lite cars are an economical alternative to
traditional oval track racing.

Mini Stocks

These are your everyday small compact cars (Civic, Cavalier, Sunfire, Cobalt, etc). They only run a 4 cylinder engine, tires must be DOT approved and the right front must have an 8″ wide tread and may also choose to run a beadlock.

Sportsman Classic Dwarfs

This division sports a late 20s and 30s body style. They run a 750cc motorcycle engine.

Sportsman Charger Dwarfs

These cars also run a 750cc motorcycle engine but can also run up to an 1100cc carbureted engine. Currently, the difference with these were that they could run a quick change read end and a different air cleaner.

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